Manticor Search (früher Sphinx)

Manticore Search is an open-source database that was created in 2017 as a continuation of Sphinx Search engine. We took all the best from it, significantly improved its functionality, fixed hundreds of bugs, rewrote the code almost completely and kept it open-source! That all has made Manticore Search a modern, fast, light-weight and full-featured database with outstanding full-text search capabilities.

We love SQL. There can’t be anything simpler to use when you are just preparing your search query: WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY – most developers are used to these things since they’ve been in use for decades. You can use SQL to do any kind of query in Manticore Search. At the same time we understand that when it comes to coding your queries in your application it may be easier to use more structured protocols than an SQL string. That’s why Manticore Search also speaks JSON. We also maintain Manticore Search bindings for various programming languages to make integration even easier.

Manticore Search, being a purely full-text search engine initially has outstanding full-text capabilities: over 20 full-text operators and more than 20 ranking factors, various built-in rankers and an expression-based custom ranker, text stemming, lemmatization, stopwords, synonyms, wordforms, low-level characters mapping, proper Chinese segmentation, easy text highlighting, ranking and tokenization plugins and many more.